Saturday, 5 October 2013

Adam F7 Monitors and a RODE NT2000 Microphone

The promise of a Rode NT2000 microphone for only $499 had me back at Kosmic Sound for the VIP preview night which was held before the big October sale.

I was still in the investigation phase over which monitors to buy. However hearing is believing, and while I was at Kosmic, I slipped into the monitor sound booth with a copy of The Waifs Up All Night in my hand. One switch was flicked after another as I sampled sound from Yamaha, Behringer, Adam and many in-between. I lost track of time in the darkened room and as closing time drew near I decided to take the plunge. A couple of the boys working behind the counter cheered when I announced "I'm going for the Adam F7's."

Back in my studio I smile every time I lay eyes on those Adam speakers. The sound is enjoyable and yet all the nuances can still be heard without making my ears tired; brilliant.

The new Adam F7 monitors.
How about my extra large National Folk Festival coffee mug?

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