Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Radial PZ-DI

It had been evident for quite a while that the piezo pickup, in my twenty year old Maton EM225 acoustic guitar, wasn't delivering the volume of sound I require at gigs with the 1/4" input plugged directly into the PA. This had been on my mind for so long that I nearly lost sight of the wood through the trees and thought of upgrading my guitar to solve the problem. Enter the Radial PZ-DI. This is the neatest piece of stage kit I have ever laid my hands on. Amongst other features, you can adjust the load to suit the pickup so it works well with my bass guitar too and there is enough sound colouring for my requirements with a variable low-cut filter that works like a charm.

This little box is so easy to use as all the input and output panel features are clearly labelled on top of the box so you don't have to keep picking it up if you need to make an adjustment. Of course I now have headroom beyond my wildest dreams; I should have bought a PZ-DI years ago.